Dear Nevada Bi’s,

Pride Month (June) has come and gone but here in Las Vegas we celebrate Pride in October (primarily because it is too hot for a parade in June). Planning has begun for many people – floats, costumes, activities, etc. Please allow me to give you one more thing to think about as you plan for Las Vegas Pride. Approximately 50% of you reading this are bisexual (but most likely in the closet). And for good reason. So many assumptions are made about bi people. Some of the things you hear when you come out: “How can you be faithful in a relationship?” “You must be into threesomes!” “You’re not bi…you’re just on your way to admitting that your gay.” This list goes on. Those are the responses you get INSIDE the LGBT community. Imagine what the straight world would think or say. No wonder people don’t want others to know that they are bi. Who wants to have to answer those reposes time and time again.

Let’s look at two good reasons to come out of the bi closet. First, imagine an LGBTQ community where people actually felt like they COULD be authentic. The vibe and dynamic would be incredibly positive. Right now 50% of the LGBTQ community is out to the straight world as gay or lesbian but in the closet to the LGBT community. How weird is that? The second reason is more sobering. Until very recently, there were no bi role models for the youth. Imagine how lonely it must be for a young bi person to look around and see straight and gay people but no bi people. Is it possible to feel more of an oddity than to feel like you don’t fit in the straight or gay world? It’s great that entertainers are starting to come out as bi but the youth of Las Vegas need to know real people, right here in our community, that are bi. Role models in the real world – in our businesses, in our schools, in the places we live our lives.

This October, be brave. Yes, you’ll have to feel vulnerable but there is no bravery without vulnerability. Wear that bi cape, that Blue/Purple/Pink head band and fly that bi flag proudly. Stand out from the crowd and set the example. As the 50% step out of the closet, there will be more bi flags flying than any other. And a lot more well-adjusted youths that you helped come to terms with themselves and accept that they are normal.

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