Las Vegas Pride Fest 2019 Raffle Winners!

Good morning Las Vegas! We want to thank everyone that came out this weekend to support us and all of the vendors and Las Vegas Pride Staff! Hats off to an amazing weekend event. So many people came out, so many people with smiles on their faces!

Now, off to what is important! The winners of the Raffle! All raffle items are held for 30 days for pick up, we can mail any where or deliver if within the Southern Nevada area.  Please email or you can call at 630-386-5832

Ticket #3801866 – Suit Package by Stitched

Ticket #3801667 – Tickets to Australian Bee Gees, and Thunder from Down Under

Ticket #3802828 – Tickets to Glow Zone Adult, $15 to Public US, tickets to Legends in Concert

Ticket #3803130 – Tickets to Las Vegas Philharmonic’s Matinee Dec 7

Ticket #3801537 – Tickets to Blue Man Group and Human Nature

Ticket #3802420 – Tickets to Human Nature and Australian Bee Gees

Ticket #3801538 – Tickets to MisBehave Game Show and Thunder from Down Under

Ticket #3802202 – Tickets to Tape Face and Jokesters

Ticket #3801855 – Tickets to Disney Land Park

Ticket #3801430 – Golden Knights Ryan Reaves Hockey Stick

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