With students out of school right now and distance learning is the new way of education.   Here at Equality Nevada, we know that several students are without one and we are trying to help fix this problem.  Below you can fill out a form and if there is one in stock we will loan it to you.  Education is a must here in Nevada and we can not let Covid-19 take that away from our youth. With the right tools, students can achieve any goal.  Chromebooks are simple, secure, and shareable devices that teachers and students can use to create and collaborate.  First, reach out to your school and see if they have any in supply, if they do not, ask if they are using Chromebook’s with any of the teachers in the school.  Some schools are not setup yet, thus using take home packets for homework.  If your school is using them, see if they have any.  Some schools are not 1:1, but if you have more than one student in your household, they might let you share one with all students.

Chromebook Rental
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