About Us

Our Vision

We envision Nevada where everyone feels at home and where equality, diversity and inclusiveness are universally valued. 

Our Mission

Equality Nevada’s mission is to be a place where equality, diversity and inclusiveness are universally valued and maintained where everyone is given the equal opportunity to live their lives openly and without fear of persecution.

About Us

Equality Nevada is a non-profit charity and advocacy organization. We fight for civil rights, using all of our resources to secure full equality for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community.

We advocate achieving fair treatment and equal opportunity for all Nevadans regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.

Equality Nevada focuses on youth, ensuring that laws are drafted and passed to protect them, provide funding and resources to low income families to help make possible that all youth can achieve their goals and dreams. One of our signature programs is the creation and maintenance of gay straight alliances which serve to build trust and open dialog with our allies to ensure the reality of inclusiveness and equality for all.

Equality Nevada builds a social and political voice for the LGBTQ communities of Nevada. We work with leaders from all around Nevada in an intentionally collaborative, inclusive, diverse, and respectful way.

We aim to advance LGBTQ protective policy, identify and organize LGBTQ leaders, volunteers, allies and organizations. We identify and promote like-minded candidates who will work to support the various needs of our diverse community throughout the state.

We provide leadership training’s, volunteer opportunities, and sponsorship opportunities to engage and grow the LGBT and straight-ally community involved in this fight.

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization funded through donations, sponsorships, and grants.

Our Work

We’re fighting for full LGBTQ equality on multiple fronts:

  • Passing pro-equality legislation in Nevada and Washington, DC
  • Fighting for LGBTQ civil rights and social justice in the courtroom
  • Reducing disparities in LGBTQ health and well-being through education and advocacy

Equality Nevada is made up of two separate organizations working together to advance civil rights and social justice:

Equality Nevada is under the Equality Project, INC 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization umbrella that advocates and educates to achieve fair  treatment and equal opportunity for all Nevadans regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity or expression. We focus on all Equality topics including youth.  Can be reached at info@EqualityNV.org

Equality Project INC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that uses advocacy, education and mobilization programs to achieve our mission.  Can be reached at info@EqualityProjectINC.org

Athlete Equality is under the Equality Project, INC 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization umbrella that advocates and embodies equality throughout sports. For millions of Americans, sports embodies our ideals of equality, fairness, perseverance, discipline and integrity. But in too many places, sports are not always a safe or affirming space for aspiring LGBTQ athletes. Every shirt or donation raised for Athlete Equality goes towards helping our LGBTQ youth achieve just that. Help make a  dream come true, by making it safe, including them and helping them with the cost that might make it impossible.  Can be reached at sales@AthleteEquality.org


Our Locations

Las Vegas Headquarters

1490 W Sunset Rd, Suite 120
Henderson, NV 89014
Phone: (855) 955-LGBT
Fax: (844) 389-0835

Members of the media should contact Chris Davin directly at Chris.Davin@EqualityNV.org or (702) 389-4255