Current Legislation

Equality Nevada’s legislation tracker is a database of laws that directly or indirectly impact the LGBTQ community. We are neutral on laws that could have an impact on LGBTQ people, but currently do not.

Homosexual activity in Nevada
Current status: Legal (since Jun 26, 2003)

US Supreme Court ruling issued in Lawrence v. Texas struck down all sodomy laws on the basis of privacy and liberty. The decision overturned any laws remaining in all US states which prohibited acts of sodomy.

Same-sex marriage in Nevada
Current status: Legal (since Oct 9, 2014)

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in Sevcik v. Sandoval that Nevada laws violated the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment after the US Supreme Court declined to take up other cases related to anti-marriage laws and amendments.

Right to change legal gender in Nevada
Current Status: Legal (since Jan 6, 2015)

NAC 440.130 provides allowance for persons to change gender on birth certificates and other vital records so long as a certifying physicians signs off on the persons gender identity. From Jan 6, 2015–Sep 3, 2017 amends the law saying Legal, surgery not required.

Same-sex adoption in Nevada
Current status: Legal
Joint or single parent adoption is allowed for individuals or married or domestic partners per Nev. Revised Stat. §127.030.

Second-parent adoptions have also been allowed in lower courts.

LGBT discrimination in Nevada
Current status: Illegal
People are protected from discrimination based upon both sexual orientation and gender identification. There are non discrimination laws currently in NV for Employment, Housing, Public Accommodations, and State Employees.

Homosexuals serving openly in military in Nevada
Current status: Legal (since Sep 20, 2011)

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is officially repealed throughout the United States, and gays and lesbians may openly serve.

Equal age of consent in Nevada
Current status: Equal (since May 29, 2013)

Pursuant to NRS 201.195, the law prohibiting sexual contact with minors 16+ has been repealed. NRS 201.195.2 previously disallowed homosexual persons under the age of 18 from having sexual contact, but allowed heterosexual couples aged 16+ to attain such acts. In May 29, 2013, that subsection was repealed, and the law applied equally to both Homosexual and Heterosexual persons aged 16+

Conversion therapy in Nevada
Current status: Banned (since May 22, 2015)

SB353 passed final vote in Nevada on May 22, 2015 banning conversion therapy for homosexual youths, however, while it passed, protections for transgender persons were not included. The bill has passed, but has been referred to committee to discuss the amendment.